Offering landscape maintenance to office tenants

If you manage and let a commercial building, it's important not just to maintain the internals of the building. The surrounds of the building including the garden and landscaping features are a huge draw for tenants and potential tenants. Beautiful landscaping also creates a positive impression for clients and staff and helps naturally cool the property during the hot summer. 

Here are some tips for ensuring the landscaping stays looking great. 

Use automatic reticulation

It is a good idea to use a reticulation system that automatically switches on during the early hours of the morning in order to prevent the evaporation and leaf burn which occurs when plants are watered during hotter hours. Make sure to keep an eye on ambient conditions and switch the reticulation off during period of high rain as reticulation that runs during the rain can create a poor public impression in the water-conscious Australian community. 

Plant attractive but low-maintenance plants

If you don't have a permanent gardening staff, it's a good idea to stay away from plants that require intensive maintenance to stay looking great. Instead, it's a good idea to aim for plants that can look great with less maintenance, such as Australia natives. These plants lower the need for landscaping services and look good year round. 

Get the garden regularly cleaned

In between landscaping services, it is a good idea to get the garden cleaned to remove both loose natural waste such as leaves and any rubbish that may be left or blown into the yard such as cigarette butts or drink bottles. This helps to keep the garden looking clean and creates the impression of a well-maintained site. 

Organise regular commercial landscape services

In addition, it is a great idea to organise regular visits from a commercial landscape service. They can make small adjustments such as pruning plants, replacing dead plants and fertilising the plants to keep them looking great year round. This is important because regular maintenance not only keeps your landscaping looks great, but it can also reduce costs longer term by catching any small issues and correcting them before large landscaping repairs are required. 

By implementing some small landscaping actions it is possible to create and maintain an attractive garden and landscape around your commercial property. This can help to attract high-quality tenants who like the impression of a well-maintained garden, as well as the practical benefits of a garden including green space for their staff.