Retaining Walls: The Various Pros They Present For Your Yard

Retaining walls, as the name implies, are structures put in place with the intent of holding back soil. These walls are usually constructed from concrete, but you could opt to use a host of other materials such as bamboo or natural stone. Not many homeowners consider installing them usually because they are not aware of why they would be beneficial. Here are some of the various benefits that retaining walls would present for your yard.

Retaining walls enhance your yard's aesthetics

If you have a lot of yard space, its landscaping will significantly impact your property's appeal. By opting for retaining walls, you enhance the visual appeal of the front as well as backyard. For instance, your retaining walls can demarcate a space for flowers and plants and create barriers on your property. This gives your landscape a distinct yet uniform appearance, making your entire property more appealing.

Retaining walls curb soil erosion

If your home is constructed on a slope, then retaining walls would be an essential element to consider to minimise soil erosion. On a sloping landscape, gusts of wind and wet weather can pull a considerable amount of top soil away. In addition to this, if you do not have any trees on your property, you will lack adequate windbreakers to curb this erosion. If soil erosion is not dealt with, you may find that your yard will also suffer, as the soil will not be able to retain any mulch, fertilisers and other nutrients needed for the grass to thieve.

Another potential hazard that could come about due to continued erosion is the development of sinkholes on your property. Overall, retaining walls not only help in maintaining your landscaping, but they will also aid in managing any storm runoff due to inclement weather patterns.

Retaining walls make it easier to landscape

One of the issues of living on a sloping property is that it is much harder to landscape. The presence of ridges, ditches and valleys can pose a problem, as it would be difficult to successfully landscape your yard to your preferences. To contend with this problem, you should install retaining walls. These retaining walls will create levels on your property, rather than having uneven slopes. This, in turn, allows you to have more usable space on your property without being deterred by uneven landscaping. Thus, you get the chance to have even ground for you to make use of by construing exterior living spaces, creating hardscapes and more.