Automation in the Garden for Professional Landscaping Results

Sometimes devices that are designed for professional use are overkill in a domestic garden – even if you have a large plot to maintain. On the other hand, there are a number of motorised and automated landscaping tools which are of great use to homeowners. Even if you are not a professional gardener or landscaper, consider some of the following gadgets for use in your garden and achieve some truly great results.

Power Edgers

Lawns are rightly popular all over Australia. Growing grass is even considered to be the national pastime by some! If you like the definition and formality that a well-maintained lawn affords, then you do need to edge it properly. These days, powered lawn edgers that have their own generators are available for consumers and are no longer solely the domain of landscaping firms. A petrol driven lawn edger will typically get the job done in an eighth of the time that it would take you to get the job done with a hand edger. What's more, the look you end up with is more even and creates a greater visual definition between the lawn and the border.

Robotic Lawn Mowers

Like the increasingly popular robotic vacuum cleaners used in homes, robots that cut grass need to learn their environment. The best ones don't simple react to obstacles in their way, such a walls and bird feeders, but work out the best way of cutting your grass the next time they are put to the task. This way, artificial intelligence can be used to ensure you get neater lines and a more even finish to your lawn each time you use the device. The best ones will cost several thousand dollars, but provide an unparalleled look to your lawn.


Although turning soil by hand is something that many gardeners enjoy doing, if you are digging out a new bed or creating a greater level of aeration in a vegetable patch, you will really need a powered device to get the job done quickly. Rotavators are used to break up earth so that it can be put to new uses in landscapes and they are also helpful to horticulturalists for the same reason. Domestic ones are usually electrically powered by a cord, but make sure you invest in one with sufficient power, over 1,200 Watts at least.

Powered Shovels

Developed for assisting users to shift snow around, powered shovels are also helpful if you need to move broken up earth from one location to another. If you want to level out a landscape or to create a banked area, then they will help you to do so without the degree of effort that using a spade takes. Use one with a robotic wheelbarrow, for the maximum in domestic landscaping convenience.