Corporate Office Cleaning Options During a Health Crisis

If you are a business owner, you might use a corporate office cleaning service several times a week. In fact, you may even have a speciality service that comes in to deep clean your office outside of normal business hours. Though these services do use disinfectants and clean according to national health standards, you may need more than that during a health crisis. Here are a few of the upgraded options you may want to consider during a health crisis for your office cleaning needs.

Furniture Disinfecting

Most corporate offices have fabric covered chairs in the lounge area, as office chairs, or in meeting areas. The fabric can grab and hold onto bacteria that spreads illness. Many office cleaning services do not clean this fabric as part of a general cleaning routine. This is an upgraded option that can be done once a week or as part of a seasonal deep cleaning. During a health crisis, you will want to have the chairs disinfected more often with a disinfectant that kills the bacteria related to the current illness as well as others. 

Bathroom Stock

When you chose your cleaning service, they likely had an option for you to use their cleaning supplies and bathroom supplies. These supplies include soap and antibacterial washes. When a health crisis occurs, especially one that can spread quickly, you will want to ensure that the soap and other bathroom stock items will help fight against that illness. If you do need to upgrade the soap or foam that is used, make sure to discuss the changes and options with the service. They can ensure these items are always in stock, with backup stock if you run out before the cleaning crew arrives for their scheduled time.

Dispenser Cleaning

During a health crisis or similar issue, items like hand sanitiser will be used more often. Soap dispensers, toilet paper holders, paper towel holders, and other similar items will also be used more often. These areas can clog, hold bacteria and spread bacteria with each use when they are not cleaned properly. Your cleaning service can upgrade your cleaning options to include cleaning of these areas for sanitation and to prevent clogging.

These are just a few of the service upgrades that many corporate office cleaning services provide during times of pandemic or health crisis. If you need to discuss possible upgrades to your current cleaning service agreement, contact your cleaning company. They can discuss options and help you get the right services for your specific corporate business.