Which Type Of Lawn Mower Is Best For You?

Before you start browsing lawn mowers for sale, it pays to decide whether you would prefer to own an electric, battery-powered or petrol lawn mower. Each type of lawn mower has its pros and cons, which you must weigh up in order to make your decision.

Standard Electric Lawn Mowers

A standard electric lawn mowers is powered via a cable that connects it to your home's main electricity supply. Before you purchase one of these lawn mowers, you should check that the cord is long enough to allow you to reach the whole of your garden while the mower is plugged in.

Corded electric lawn mowers are less expensive than other types of lawn mowers, which can make them a great choice if you have only a small garden to take care of. They are also convenient, as you do not need to remember to charge them or add more fuel. Finally, they have the advantage of being relatively compact, which makes them easy to store.

One downside of a corded lawn mower is the risk of running over the cable with the blades. While modern mowers have safety features that prevent fire or electrocution, accidentally cutting through the cable of your electric lawn mower is still something to avoid, as it means that your mower will require repair.

Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

Cordless lawn mowers are also powered using electricity, but they store their power inside a battery. If long battery life is a priority for you, be sure to look for a cordless lawn mower that has a lithium-ion battery. These batteries offer much better battery life than traditional nickel-cadmium batteries, although they are also more expensive.

Cordless lawn mowers can be more expensive than other types of lawn mowers. When browsing second-hand lawn mowers for sale, be aware that second-hand cordless lawn mowers might not have very good battery life compared to new models.

The main benefit of a cordless electric lawn mower is that you do not have to work around a cable. As long as you remember to charge this type of mower, it can be very convenient.

Petrol Lawn Mowers

If you have a large garden, consider purchasing a petrol lawn mower. These lawn mowers cut faster and with greater power than electric mowers. They also have unlimited range, as long as you keep them topped up with fuel. The downside is that they require regular servicing, just like a car. Petrol lawn mowers vary widely in price.