Ideas for Enhancing Your Garden with Stones, Pebbles and Boulders

Why not incorporate rock into your garden design if it appears monotonous with plants and offers little contrast? You can get rocks in various shapes and sizes and use them in different ways. Here are some ideas.

Pebble Garden Edging

You might not want to use pebbles as mulch, but you can still use them to decorate the garden beds. Place them along the edges to form a border between the soil and adjoining areas. This task will be much easier than laying pebble mulch, with the border areas being narrow and easy to reach. You won't have to squeeze into cramped garden beds. Plus, stones and pebbles can become heavy, and a smaller quantity is easier to handle and transport. Your landscape supplier can help by delivering them.

You can mix stones for visual interest, for example, pink, sand and a scattering of blue. When choosing colours, look at your house and the landscape for ideas. If you want to create a neat look, stick to one hue, such as black or cream. A barrier layer will help to stop weeds from growing between the stones. And the pebble border will help keep the soil in the garden beds.

Rock Garden

Instead of tiny pebbles, you could use medium- to large-sized boulders in the garden for a rock feature. Choose a sunny spot to show off the rock faces and bring out their shades and textures. Pick one boulder to stand out the most. It could be an intriguing colour and shape. Then arrange the other smaller rocks around the area to make the group appear natural and aged. The finishing touch could be planting flowers and scattering sand and pebbles around the ground. If you want to sit on the rocks, make sure they have flat and comfortable tops.

Water Feature

By using rocks and boulders, you can also frame and highlight a water feature in the yard. You can position rocks of diverse shapes and sizes around a pond, for instance, which will differentiate it from the surrounding foliage. You could install a fountain device that uses solar power, so it won't cost anything in terms of energy usage. Imagine sitting by the pond and listening to the soothing babbling sounds that will help you unwind in your own private haven. A landscaping supplies company may have other features that you could use to express your creativity and enhance the garden. 

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