Two reasons to have a landscaper plant and maintain your garden's boundary hedges

If you want to put hedges around the boundaries of your garden, you should have the hedges planted and then maintained by a landscaping expert. Here are two reasons why.

A landscaper will plant the hedges in a way that will promote their growth and ensure they look uniform

One reason to hire a professional landscaping expert for this work is that he or she will plant the hedges around the boundaries, in a way that will ensure that the hedges grow and stay healthy. For example, this expert will know the correct depth at which to plant each hedge shrub, as well as how much space to leave between adjacent shrubs so that each one has enough space to establish a stable root system within the soil and to fully develop.

Furthermore, they'll take measurements to make sure the hedges are planted uniformly so that as they grow, they'll form a neat line of hedging along the exact boundaries of your garden. This is important not only for aesthetic reasons but also because if the shrubs that make up the hedges are mistakenly planted in a way that creates a non-uniform, ragged shape, this could result in some of the hedges growing beyond your garden boundaries, and onto your neighbour's property.

A landscaper will always ensure the tools they use on the hedges are clean

It's also a good idea to have a landscaper maintain the hedges after these shrubs have been planted. One reason for this is that this expert will always meticulously inspect and sanitise their tools before using them to trim or prune your hedges. This is crucial as, if a person uses unclean landscaping tools on a healthy hedge, the tools could leave pathogens on the trimmed or pruned parts of the hedge and cause it to get an infection. This could result in, for example, one of the hedge shrubs developing a gap in the diseased area.

If this were to happen to the hedges that you have on your garden boundaries, the gap in the affected area of the hedge might reduce the amount of privacy the hedge gives you when you're in the garden. Furthermore, you might have to employ a landscaper to help you restore the hedge to health or, if the disease has spread through all of the hedge shrubs, have this expert replace the entire hedge. If however, you have a conscientious landscaper take care of your hedges, you won't have to worry about this happening.

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