Offering landscape maintenance to office tenants

If you manage and let a commercial building, it's important not just to maintain the internals of the building. The surrounds of the building including the garden and landscaping features are a huge draw for tenants and potential tenants. Beautiful landscaping also creates a positive impression for clients and staff and helps naturally cool the property during the hot summer.  Here are some tips for ensuring the landscaping stays looking great.

What is a Turf Aerator and Why Should You Use One?

On the face of things using an aerator on your grass might seem like a slightly odd idea, but it starts to make a whole lot of sense once you begin to understand the compelling benefits that turf aeration can bring. Essentially, aerators perforate the soil, creating small holes along the surface. Some simpler aerators are just surfaces with lots of spikes that can be pushed down into the soil, but newer and more convenient aerators see spikes run around on a wheel, so you can push them around the garden and get the job done faster.

What Is a Hydrostatic Transmission and Why Is One Perfect for Your Next Mower?

People these days have plenty of options when it comes to ride-on mowers. There are zero-turn mowers, electric mowers, four-wheel mowers, and so on. In addition to these different power and body configurations, you will also enjoy the freedom to choose the type of transmission system that would best suit your needs. This used to mean being able to choose between automatic and manual, just as you would while buying a car.

Guide to Building a Rockery

When landscaping a large area, constructing a stonework rockery can be a good way of filling in space cost effectively, whilst providing plenty of colour and interest too. Here's a guide to creating a rockery.   What stonework to choose When it comes to choosing suitable stonework to build your rockery, local stone will always look most natural in your landscape. Stone should always be obtained from a local supplier. Don't just go out into the countryside and collect stones, rocks and pebbles; you could be destroying valuable local wildlife habitat.

Guide to Building A Play Area Using Mulch

If you have a large garden and you have young children, it can be a great idea to create a safe play area for them using mulch. A mulched play area can help to save your lawn from becoming irreparably damaged and also means that your kids can have friends round to play, without you having to take them to the park. Create a mulched play area Before you order your mulch from a local mulch supplier, choose a suitable site in your backyard in which to site the play area.